Ocean Tracking

Monitoring high value project cargo requires detailed execution plans within port facilities. Our knowledgeable staff analyzes this project stage to determine the ports ability to sustain cranes and equipment, experienced stevedore labor, and safe suitable storage. We analyze every aspect of cargo handling from time of arrival to vessel loading. Coordination of cargo handling at the port is a critical stage of the global shipping process:

  • Consider direct loading to minimize reduce costs.
  • Negotiate with terminals to develop the optimal handling to protect your cargo.
  • Suggest measures for lifting, lashing, and securing freight.
  • Determine last minute cargo preparations or export crating services.
  • Onsite representation and project management.
  • Arrange for Marine surveys.

Cargo Insurance

FreightX GPS is specialized in innovative approaches that each project cargo may need. We are equipped to address complex execution requirements of big project cargo. The trained crew at FreightX GPS is experienced in creating and implementing effective solutions that are tailored to meet the customer’s specific project requirements.

Our cargo insurance covers the mining industry, power generation infrastructure, petrochemical installations, oil refineries and steel mill construction projects. Our project handling capabilities include:

  • Site survey / feasibility studies (routes, weather, and political climate)
  • Full / part charter parties (air charters, time/ voyage charters)
  • Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift)
  • Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, artificial twin-deck solution)
  • Freight negotiation (COA negotiation, long term rate validities)
  • Administration (customs clearance, trade documentation)

Package Protection

Parcel Protection was designed to guard your shipment against theft and vandalism, which is eminent in some foreign countries. The protection is no longer mandatory, but will be offered to clients every time they ship. Parcel Protection surcharge will be 0.8- 2 percent of the declared shipment value. This surcharge ensures clients are compensated to the tune of 75% to 100% of their declared value by the underwriters in the case of permanent loss or damages. Parcel Protection and transport Insurance is recommended. Carrier’s Limited Liability may not cover the value of your cargo. You can Obtain “ALL Risk” Insurance Via FreightX GPS. If Insurance is not requested in writing, FreightX GPS will not insure your cargo. FreightX GPS holds no liability in the case of permanent loss or damage to your goods in the absence of Parcel protection insurance.

How It Works

When your shipment is process in our system, an automatic tracking email will be sent to you. In that tracking email, a link will be provided where you can quickly request an insurance quote for that shipment. You will be required to declare value of the shipment. Please note that you can declare the value of the shipment plus the shipping cost and any other cost associated with the shipment this way you are fully covered.

Once the insurance quote has been accepted, a separate invoice will be sent to you for payment. Please note that insurance premiums MUST be paid as soon as invoices are issued to be valid. If shipment departs before insurance premium is paid, this will render any claims invalid.

Liabilities Not Assumed

Subject to the service conditions contained in this agreement, we shall not be liable for any damage arising from your shipment, or loss of income or profit, whether such damage be direct, incidental, or consequential, except to the extent of the declared value or US$99 per shipment or US$9.09/pound (US$20 per Kilo gram) (or the equivalent in local currency), whichever is lower. It is immaterial that we knew or ought to have known that such damage was likely to occur.

You agree that we are not liable for your acts of incorrect declaration of cargo, improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking, or addressing of the shipment; or the acts or omissions of the recipient or anyone else with an interest in the shipment.

You agree that we are not liable for loss, damage, delay, shortage, improper delivery, non-delivery, misinformation, or failure to provide information in connection with shipments of cash, currency or equivalent or other prohibited items.

We are not liable for loss, damage, delay, shortage, non-delivery, misinformation, monetary losses of any type or failure to provide information in connection with your shipment caused by events beyond our control including, acts of God; public authorities; strikes; labor disputes; weather; mechanical failures; aircraft failures and/or delays; civil commotions; acts or omissions of customs or quarantine officials; war; acts of terrorism, defaults or omissions of the shipper or consignee or failure to observe the terms and conditions of the agreement of carriage. In case of delay by airlines or shipping line, it shall be enough for us to show that your items arrived the point of departure within reasonable time. In addition, notwithstanding our commitment in ensuring that your items are delivered to you on time and within the estimated time frames as seen on our website, we reserve the right to delay shipment where the total volume of all consolidated shipments from multiple customers at each point in time is less than 200kg. You will be notified where such delays occur and you agree to hold us harmless for any delays experienced from such occurrence.

You agree and are aware that all items are stored in a general and open warehouse, where conditions of storage may not be suitable for all categories of goods. You agree that we are not liable for deterioration or depreciation in quality, changes in color or appearance of items in the warehouse, whether if perishable or non-perishable items, caused by long storage etc.