FreightX GPS is a global overweight project cargo mover, specializing in the shipment of fully erected harbor cranes, dismantled factories, windmill plants, production platforms, river passenger vessels, mega-yachts, dredging fleets, and all kinds of naval crafts worldwide, as well as rocket-stage construction equipment and advanced machinery. We expanded the international shipping services offered and ports of delivery, allowing the transporting of Crude Oil cables, Caterpillar Rig engines, Drilling Bits, Container Freight trucking, Bull Dozers, Cranes, and overweight break bulk cargo.

Our knowledgeable staff analyze each stage of the project’s shipment to determine the port’s ability to sustain cranes and equipment, experienced stevedore labor, and provide safe, suitable storage. We examine every aspect of the cargo’s handling from the time of arrival to vessel loading, as coordination of cargo handling at the port is a critical stage of the global shipping process. Numerous hazards due to poor quality packaging, can lead to damage and decay of the shipment. Negligence of this magnitude culminates rejection possibilities of the shipment by the purchaser, leading to a loss of profit for all parties involved. We offer a method of packing your goods for export, as appropriate packaging is essential to the objectives of containing and protecting your shipment.

FreightX GPS continuously excels in transporting sensitive, prefabricated high dimensioned modules; refinery pressure vessels, dismantled rigs, water heaters, and a wide variety of heavy lift mode cargo for offshore plants. Whether constructing a land or water based drilling rig platform, shipping a variety of moving systems; Rig parts, drilling tools, surface well testing equipment, Drilling Rigs, Pump Jacks, Casing and Tubing, Sucker Rods, Mud Pumps, Rotary Tables, Hook Blocks, or Traveling Blocks, you can trust FreightX GPS to exceed your international shipping expectations. Granting FreightX GPS the pleasure of handling your shipping needs will result in the establishment of a firm, lasting relationship built on mutual trust and customer satisfaction.