Freight Forwarding

FreightX GPS has formed robust partnerships with worldwide leaders in Aircraft Charter to provide extraordinary services for your business. Through our global network of air charter brokers and aircraft owners, our specialists guide you through the selection process to secure the right aircraft, and provide door-to-door services, which include load out and discharge supervision. Oversized freight, time critical cargo, or global destinations that are not easily reached, FreightX GPS can arrange precise charter itineraries regardless of the nature of your business. By ensure client’s operational and commercial targets are achieved, we have delivered excellence in Air Charter for the following industries:

  • Freight Forwarders
  • Oil and Automotive
  • Charities & Relief
  • Government Departments
  • General Sales Agents
  • Airline Brokers
  • Oil and Automotive

Our charter partners have a long and proud history arranging humanitarian aid relief charters for disasters around the globe. With global offices, FreightX GPS can respond to crisis immediately for all aid agencies. We work extensively in assisting Government, Relief, and NGOs. We ensure the help you are providing arrives expediently to people in need at a fraction of the cost.

Our partners organize over 3000 charter flights a year we are perfectly geared up to provide quick, competitive quotes 24 hours a day. Our brokers are always available to find you the right aircraft for the job. All Aircraft operators are licensed, insured, and are even trained to handle the transportation of hazardous materials. We are available 24/7 to provide complete knowledge of your cargo’s status. We are your global shipping partner.

Packaging and Crating

FreightX GPS can pack, crate, or containerize your cargo for shipping anywhere in the world. FreightX GPS can pack and crate your cargo for both domestic and international shipments. We also provide military packing and crating. Our trained staff will crate your order to satisfy your shipping requirements. Our goal is to get your shipment to its destination safely, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner anywhere in the world. With 15,700 square feet of warehouse space, FreightX GPS can provide temporary storage of your cargo prior to shipping. Our packaging and containerization services include:

  • Export packaging
  • Military packaging
  • Hazardous material packaging
  • ISPM-15 certified
  • Containerization
  • The Need for Uniform Packing

World Class Warehousing

FreightX GPS provides world-class warehousing solutions for efficient stock and inventory management, logistics conteol and consignment registration. Our warehousing services spans 2 weeks prior to shipping items to their respective destinations. We offer large warehousing space (over 8700 sq ft), secured warehousing, secure storage (24 x 7 x 365 breach-proof electronic surveillance and monitoring to prevent and thwart any loss of property from fire, theft and loss), climate-control storage system, barcode technology in warehousing, Custom Storage Racks, All types of warehousing, Scientific warehousing, Warehousing to suit consignments.

Customs Clearing

We offer custom clearing services even if you do not ship with us. Our clearing agents are fully licensed and efficient. Also we back up the clearing agents by inspecting documentation before shipments proceed.

Package Protection

Parcel Protection was designed to guard your shipment against theft and vandalism, which is eminent in some foreign countries. The protection is no longer mandatory, but will be offered to clients every time they ship. Parcel Protection surcharge will be 0.8 - 2 percent of the declared shipment value. This surcharge ensures clients are compensated to the tune of 75% to 100% of their declared value by the underwriters in the case of permanent loss or damages. Parcel Protection and transport Insurance is recommended. Carrier’s Limited Liability may not cover the value of your cargo. You can Obtain “ALL Risk” Insurance Via FreightX GPS. If Insurance is not requested in writing, FreightX GPS will not insure your cargo. FreightX GPS holds no liability in the case of permanent loss or damage to your goods in the absence of Parcel protection insurance.