New and existing developments have created an increased demand for construction equipment in Africa, allowing FreightX GPS to expand the international shipping services offered and ports of delivery. Our Roll on, Roll off, and Break bulk shipping services are available whether you are shipping heavy-duty highway and construction trucks, excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, or Caterpillar heavy equipment, Komatsu construction equipment, and Mack trucks. Shipping to Africa has never been more safe and efficient. Additionally we provide:

  • Hauling: We pick-up and deliver your unit via flatbed, step deck, or trailers to the port.
  • International Compliance: K International Transport assists customers with securing the proper credentials for heavy machinery transport compliance.
  • Pre-shipment inspection: We arrange inspections for shipments destined for African countries where required.
  • Fumigation: All shipments are decontaminated before transport to African countries where required.
  • Dismantling and Loading: High heavy construction equipment, including Break-bulk cargo (Bulldozer buckets, Excavator blades, Cabs, Crane booms) are broken down and packed safely into an ocean container.
  • Cleaning: Construction equipment must be free of dirt and operable prior to delivery. FreightX GPS is ready and available to assist your company with all its international shipping needs, and any concerns you may have.